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Raceday: Phoenix - Let's go Blaney!

Yesterday I went out to TJMaxx in search for the rumored Majorette cars. No luck. Not wanting to waste the trip, we hit a couple of thrift stores and I scored something totally unexpected! A #77 Jasper hat signed by Dave Blaney himself.

For those who don’t internet-stalk me. Dave is my most favorite driver ever and I am a hug fan of his son Ryan who races the 21 in the cup series. I’ve posted pics of Dave’s Night Prowler #77 paint scheme before. It’s my favorite NASCAR paint scheme ever. So, to find an autographed hat to match is just mind-blowing... at the Salvation Army Store... for $3. Yeah, so Dave wasn’t super popular. lol.

Ryan’s got a great car for Phoenix today. He finished 2nd in the Xfinity race yesterday. So, I am hoping he will have a good run today as well. Should be a great race!


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