Big things with little cars

I have not been a huge fan of Lionel taking over the NASCAR diecast market. The 1:24 Scale NASCAR collectors are at a crossroads right now. The sport’s popularity is sinking and Lionel doesn’t put the same kind of effort into their design that Action or Team Calibur did 5 years ago. Despite that... I still pick up the occasional cast because I am a fan of the driver or admirer of the paintjob on the car (or decaljob if you want to be technical).

David Gilliland’s #38 Love’s Travel Stops racecar is one of my favorites. The color combo looks awesome. It’s very balanced and distinctive. The design is not over the top like a lot of cars that are showing up on the racetrack each weekend. This Lionel diecast is of their middle grade. It has functional hood, trunk, roof-flaps, suspension, and steering. The engine doesn’t have a lot of detail. However, the build quality is superb and solid. It doesn’t have any of the race-specific details that are included with their higher-grade cars. Hopefully, with time, Lionel will upgrade the engine design to have more detail. MSRP on these cars is typically $70 US. Which is way too expensive, given the amount of detail that the do not include with these cars.

I was pretty excited that I scored this one on eBay for $15.


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