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RadCast 2018 1st Gen Nissan Pathfinder

Another “tribute” car in my custom collection. Just finished this one yesterday. I never actually owned a 1:1 Pathfinder. But, this pearl white replica is based on one of my fondest childhood memories.

I can’t remember exactly how old I was... 10-ish maybe? Our small boy-scout troop was having a field trip to the Boston Aquarium. The chaperone that I was assigned to had just recently purchased a two door, pearl white, Nissan Pathfinder. Imagine my little gearhead delight when I discovered I was going to ride, with my buds, alllll the way to Boston in this magnificent automobile (about a 2 hour drive). As soon as I climbed into the SUV I was in love. Everything about it was just awesome to me.

So, we drove down to Boston no problem. Looked at some stupid fish and spent whatever lunch money we had on useless crap from the gift shop. Good times. It was time to head out and we all climbed into the Pathfinder. On the way out of Boston, we kept running into construction zones... over and over and over... It was seriously nuts and delaying our voyage home big time. The dude driving was growing anxious. After tons of delays we reached another construction zone and traffic was backed up to a complete standstill. Nobody was going anywhere...


This is where the Pathfinder got to shine out. The chaperone got anxious and impatient. He threw the Nissan into 4WD and took a hard left, crawling over a curb and crossing over the divider between the two traffic lanes (the southbound lane was totally empty). The little offroad jaunt was maybe 5 feet? 6? But I didn’t care. My little mind was BLOWN! haha! It was really my first crude off-road experience because my conservative/paranoid parents would never DARE to try something like that. It scarred me for life in a good way. He took a couple of alternate routes through the city and finally got us the hell out of Red Sox County.

So, I have forever admired the humble 1st Gen Pathfinder. It will always be, to me, one of the most amazing vehicles of the 90's because of my trip to Boston. :)

The Custom below is based of a NovaCar diecast. The body, strangely enough is actually plastic. The sparsely detailed base is the only part that is metal. Details are terrific and, from what I can tell, NovaCar was the only manf. that ever released a 1:64 version of the first gen Pathfinder.

Radacastians! Enjoy!


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