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Due to a planned family outing, I didn’t do a new post for Rennsport Reunion yesterday. Please enjoy this post for the time being.

The RS name in the world of Porsche is a sacred name, only few proven worthy to wear it.


The return of the RS badge after a 17 year hiatus, the 964 have quite a shoe to fill. With lighter aluminum bodywork, magnesium wheels, thinner windows, creature comforts deleted bring in a 600 lbs diet with more aggressive chassis tuning and close ratio transmission.

But that is just a start for the mad engineers at Stuttgart...

A more brutal version shown here with the engine stroked from the original 3.6 to 3.8 bumping output from 256 to 300hp and a massive bi-plane wing to look the part all in the name to shame competitors on the track.

Only 55 units of the 3.8 RS were built to comply with FIA homologation requirement for the ADAC GT Cup and 1994 BPR series.


This beauty in red is from “Kyosho” The reason for me phrasing it weirdly is because although it is branded as a Kyosho, it was made by a separate company for Taiwan’s previous car themed 7-11 Promotion. The proportion and details are pretty spot on but not without flaws. One of the major flaws is the Porsche emblem on the front is way too big and the other flaw is there’s a bit too much meat for the tires, the rims are great but with thinner tires it’ll make them more aggressive and help with the ride height too. But those little foibles doesn’t deter the fact this is a handsome beast.


It was difficult to pick a car to feature for Radcast as there are so many good candidates to chose from especially cars from Japan during the “Bubble Era.” I’m happy going with the Porsche plus its a car that was overdue to get a feature so it worked out perfect.

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