My second entry for Radcast is another Tomica, but the similarities to the prior review end there. This is Tomica 61-3, the Toyota Hilux 4WD. This casting entered the range in May 1981, and represents a new movement:

Small 4 cyl 4WD trucks were a very small niche product before this time, the Hilux changed that. These trucks were immensely successful in the US market, and a 4WD model was seen as a very cool vehicle. The Tomica casting is also very cool. Scale is claimed to be 1:62, likely accurate. Fine line casting detail is abundant, and the grille guard and rollbar add interest. The realistic tampos represent Toyota design, as the brand loved flamboyant stripe packages. This model features the snappy door action, crisp glazing, and springy suspension we all know and love. Majorette also had a Hilux 4WD of this generation, this would be a fine pair with one. From every angle, one can recognize this legend:

Doors open to reveal a detailed interior and accurate steering wheel:


The front and rear show off fine detail, with accurate font on the tailgate being a nice touch:


The base is metal, which adds heft and contains data and detail:

This example is lucky enough to live in its original black box, with an illustration that resembles the casting:


I am quite happy to have this model in my collection. I have a few variants of this casting, and this one is less common with button style wheels rather than thick spoke style wheels, I think this gives it a more refined look:

And a 1:1 from pinterest: