Big things with little cars

Radcast: Soccer Mom mobile

Yes the vehicle that really coined the term “soccer Mom mobile” the 84 Dodge Caravan


Out with the long boat gas guzzler station wagons of the past in with the short and tall mini vans! The vehicle every moms loved and every dads hated! Granted it technically wasn’t the first small van but it really brought the popularity of the phrase “mini van”. It’s concept is still around but has slowly faded to the bigger and better SUVs and cross overs where the mini van still has life as a service vehicle for taxi cab companies especially for handicapped transportation.

You can almost smell that mysterious smell that you get from years of hauling the kids around.  Guaranteed to see stains on the seats and floors from spilled drinks, the crumbs of crackers/chips/and other dry foods that fell between the seats, I’m sure if you pulled out the rear seats you’ll find that lost Diecast car or action figure you’ve been tearing up the house looking for. Also might find evidence of a not so “just a movie and dinner date” the teenager had when they borrowed it after they turned 16 lol. 

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