Big things with little cars

So I got fed up with waiting for the milky realistic water to clear up. So I went ahead with the rest of it. The milky color has cleared up a tiny amount, but nothing significant to write about.

The supplies needed for the job.


As a general rule, I apply too much ground foam, then I pick up the whole diorama to let the excess fall off. The base is foam so it’s really light.

With the excess ground foam gone. I tried to make a nice ring around the pond, while also giving it a lip.


This is as far as I got. I was asked to help with dinner, and with a MrsZtp that didn’t feel well, I agreed. After dinner I sprayed it with a adhesive, and I plan on adding some medium coarse foam to make it look uneven. :)

I’m still unsure ‘where’ I want the rock out-cropping, the one where the police hide. I'm trying to figure out where the best place to put it is.

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