Probably. Sadly I don’t own the car I am about to post, and judging by the price, quite unlikely that I ever will. However, like the Bugatti Chiron, I am glad it exists, to show how far these models can go.

I found it out on an advert posted in Buyee, while scanning through some postings for 1/24 kits. Copied the Japanese script (I couldn’t understand anything except for the 2000), and got the following result (among others) in the videos section.

Turns out that this dope Hako is a Kyosho - Hachette 1/8th rendition. It is absolutely mind blowing.

Unfortunately so is the price. A quick search on eBay yielded one with a pricetag of US$ 2500. The posting on Buyee indicated that it was in “bad condition - judging by the pictures it should be some dents - and cost 667 Dollars (in an approximate conversion).

Quite possibly a drool tool forever, amazing.

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome Friday ahead!