Let’s start with the correct way to haul a racecar.

The Skyline wagon is excellent. It’ll never get stripped due to the beautifully executed badge.

I tried to purchase a 510 wagon from Camshaft Chris. He felt like he was taking too long to get back to me with cost, and just shipped it free of charge.


Too cool. I’ll get your thank you pint glass in the mail before November. Then my wife went out to get me spark plugs and brought back these 2.

Even cooler. Lol. Here’s a bit of progress on the 510 I got from R32RENNSPORT.


The articulation of the axles is awesome. Well done Monster jam.

I love this thing.


A few new Tomicas (new to me).

I had to go 20 minutes from the house to get any pictures to upload. This is getting old fast. Somehow I can comment/like posts from the house, but pics are a no go. Except Instagram, pics post there no prob. So get ready for weekly random stuff posts. Apologies in advance.