I got a surprise email from Pixel last week, informing me that he’d sent me a package, but forgot to include a note. Well, it arrived yesterday, and what a great package it was!

Check out this line-up of Squarebody Chevys, my favorite!

The highlight of them is the Yatming K5 Blazer. I’ve been wanting this casting for a while, but not willing to pay eBay prices.


Check out how crisp the lines are on that door gap.


I also just LOVE the livery on this MBX stepside Chevy. I’ve been wanting to build a junkyard diorama for some time. Now I have the perfect yard truck for it :)

Also yesterday, some LaLD steekers showed up, courtesy of Philipilihp. Hopefully these will give the RallyMetro that extra performance bump it needs!


Two more examples of why this place is just the best. Thanks guys!