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RAOK from The Bell King! + Double Review!

The Bell King sent me some cars that he wanted to go to a ‘good home’ and be appreciated properly. I seriously expected loose cars. I even thought to myself “this package is extremely big for two loose cars”. Imagine my surprise that it wasn’t loose cars; that it was in fact, two sealed cars, with one of them being the exact car I’ve been eyeing for a while now. Also, The Bell King is awesome, :).

I was told I’d be getting two mopars, and that’s it. He didn’t know this, but every since I got those two HWs 100% Superbirds, I’ve been checking the GL site like mad hoping for a new release of a ‘68-’69 Charger, specifically in that gorgeous red. I even saw the Road Runner and thought “I really like that green!”. Again, imagine how much I freaked out when I saw the two cars, that I really liked, in the same package.

Then imagine me waiting for a important skype meeting to happen, and I had to sit there and wait....

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The meeting never happened, DLM it is!

These castings are beautiful, simply beautiful. If you ever see either one, get it. The Charger in the red is stunning, breathtaking even. It just looks fantastic, like a gentleman’s car. The Road Runner has that gorgeous, dark green, which is just the right shade to say, “ look at me...I bite”. And the black hood with the hood pins, *squeeeee!!!!!*. Yeah, I definitely like these two cars, :).


Admittedly I’ve never watched the Dukes of Hazard, I’ve just always enjoy the body style of the Charger. Especially the front, it looks abstract with those hidden headlights. The Road Runner looks mean, like it’ll consume any wild animal that gets too close...I like that. :)


Both rears look amazing. I love how the Charger has the rear blacked out around the taillights. The Road Runner has a old school setup, nothing fancy, but I like it still, :).


I love the wheels on the Road Runner. Black steelies, it’s amazing. The dark green really brings out this castings potential.


I really like the black on the red here. It’s like double whammy of perfection. :D

Final consensus, these cars are amazing (if you can’t tell I’m biased already). I highly recommend them. And thanks The Bell King! Your generosity has touched me and I really appreciate it! :)

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