I picked up the ‘80 Bronco from this release earlier, but it was the only one left on the pegs.

All that has changed now, and I got the other two that I was really after, one in particular.

I couldn’t leave this ‘65 Galaxie hanging (pun intended), as it is fairly rare in diecast form and it complements my second grab perfectly.
This was what I was really after. I have the old emblem plate release in the same light metallic blue as my 1:1, and now I have the 2016 re-release. This color looks amazing on this car. DLM shots this weekend.
When I saw the back of the ‘80 Bronco package two weeks ago, I was thrilled to discover that they were re-releasing this ‘64 Impala.

I passed on the Bel-Air and Nova, but didn’t see the GTX. I wonder how that one turned out.


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