Big things with little cars

Recent buys and stuff to trade!

Starting off, I found this awesome Ranchero in a 3 pack just last night. If I have some time, I want to paint it a more original color, but otherwise I love it!


I was at CVS with my girlfriend one night and wandered into the toy aisle not expecting much. But then, HOLY SHIT TREASURE HUNT RX7!!! I've got the standard red one as well, but I like the paint on this one much better.

I got all of these in 3 packs, and they're cool, but I'm willing to trade if anyone wants them. I actually really like the Honda concept, the v10 is pretty detailed.


I've had these two for a little while, but I forgot about them until now. Both are up for trade!


And finally, something I'm working on. I'll have more on this soon...

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