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Recent finds

Been awhile since I’ve posted my finds and figured, after this weekend, it’d be a good time to do so.

I’ve got ideas for some of these. The Spring card Shelby is a happy find as I traded the first one I found.
AW Mustangs and a Firechicken.
Caddy LMP, 25th Countach and a couple of C6 Corvettes.
I’ve been trolling these at the antique mall for over a year now and the seller finally dropped the price. Awesome Fords!
My mother has had this in a closet for a couple of years (not even sure why she bought it) and she gave it to me today. Thanks mom!

And finally, I went to a car show on Saturday and the usual fare showed up, but one car really stood out.

Solar panel roof! Such a good idea.

A Fisker Karma! If you’ve never been around one of these when they drive by, they emit a sound (at least this one did) that reminded me of a sci-fi spaceship. Very cool. Although it’s looks remind me of one of the many “fish” in the underwater scene in Star Wars Episode 1. :)

Thanks for looking and happy hunting!

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