Recent flea market hawl

Last weekend I had the opportunity to have some “me time” while visiting friends, so I went to the weekend flea market. I have been going for years, but only this time did I start to really pay attention to the collectible toy vendors.

My hawl came from two vendors, the $1 Hot Wheels guy, and one of the cards/cars/comics/toys guys. Some of these were so dusty, that it almost didn’t matter that I didn’t pay attention to them until now; they may honestly have been sitting for years. Next time I go in a few months, I will see if the selection is any different.

I ended up buying:

Purple Baja Breaker, because purple van

Fantasy Foose-style pickup, because surfboards!

1979 F-150, because it comes with a cap! Oh, and “Mantis” graphic

Black 510, because who doesn’t want another 510? Oh, and I’m sure these are worth something.


Two! Back Slider flatbeds!

Fantasy 6-wheeler tow truck, as it has a diecast tow hook.

And my splurge... my first 1:1, the JL Import Heat 1996 Honda Accord. Mine was not orange, but who doesn’t like a mid90s ricer?! Mine was a prerequisite (for the time) Heather Mist colored EX, with sweet snowflake wheels from the Acura CL 3.0.  I have seen these Accords on ‘Bay for wayyyy too much, and I would never pay too many buck$ for a diecast, but I just could not say no for $5.

Total damage: $12.


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