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TLVN Honda Civic EK9


So i just got this Ek9 preordered and it’s now with me!

It’s my first TLVN so I didn’t expect anything much. But i was so happy and excited.


The EK9 is perfect. It has a taste of the 90s and a drip of 00’s. The great hatchback resembles itself from the Eg. but the Ek9 did alot better.

Who wouldn’t want one? It’s a legend in japan and everywhere.


just when i saw the box itself. It looked good already. I was satisfied.

I really didn’t expect. But the only thing i expected that it would have clean details.


And guess what? It did!! It went over my expectation. This isn’t a regular diecast. Soon enough it’ll get a higher value.


Better than tarmac.

So if you have the chance to get one now, I won’t stop you. I will convince you. Go!


Eventhough it’s expensive, it does worth my money. And its a great investment too.


So i got a lot of preorders coming. So always put your heads up for my posts :)

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