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Totally forgot to upload these. Somehow I’ve managed to find a few good treasures.

Really like these MBX Working Rigs series. Not pictured is the MAN TGS Flatbed Cargo Hauler. Then there’s, of course, my fav paint livery. So far this makes 4 castings in my inventory of the Ford GTs in Gulf livery. I’ll have to combine all to make a post for comparison.

Never pay full price at Hobby Lobby...always use the 40% coupon you find online.
I noticed two Wally-World’s are carrying the Working Rigs

Found the MBX 50th Annv Superfasts as well. Grabbed the Benz...wasn’t planning on bringing her home but the pegs were lacking the VW Fastback so I haaaaaaaad to bring at least one of them home. Also found the TH Bazoomka. Found a lone 240Z so I figured it needed a good home. Can’t believe I didn’t pick one of these up a few months ago when the C&D’s series came out. That completes the set for me...well, minus the RLC Gulf Camaro. (Sigh....)

That’s it for now. Enjoy your Monday!

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