Big things with little cars

Believe it or not I AM still alive and I still occasionally buy some cars to share with you all. Here are the latest:

From top to bottom, the C7 I plan to customize after my dads car which is dark blue with a tan top and interior. Simple. Ford GT...because Ford GT! The Skyline I didn’t even know were on the pegs yet and I had to have one as I love the cult Japanese cars! Focus RS I was really hoping to find as I love the color and the real car in general. Finally the R34 because I love the livery.


A couple nights ago I was at the store and found another Skyline as well a a Karmann Ghia which I had no idea was going to be out. I must say, Matchbox KILLED IT with this car as it has the stance, simplicity, detail, and funky color! I must find MOAR!

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