I stopped by two different TRUs in my area recently to see if they’d gotten any vintage JLs. Struck out at one but hit gold at the other.

At the first one I stopped by, they didn’t even carry JL but I did finally find the Pro Stock Camaro. Not a STH though, I can’t seem to find any THs at all.

The Speed Racer cartoon was a pretty integral part of my childhood (when I was younger I loved the movie and spent days watching old cartoon episodes online), so I kinda had to get this Shooting Star for the memories. It’s from all the way back in 1997.


I’m not really a big truck fan, but I thought this Cameo was unique with the whole Monopoly livery, and it comes with an exclusive Monopoly token based off the car. This one is from 2000.

Worth the $6.99 I paid for this.


These do have the PM Vault sticker on them, but they’re on top of the plastic bubble so they’re not visible in these pics.


If anyone’s interested, these are the ones I left behind. The ‘69 Camaro is a little overdone in my opinion, I don’t really like the Hulk livery on the Tahoe, and the 1990s Camaro is a bit bland and has a police roof light for some reason. I might get the ‘Vette later on though.

That’s all for now.