I didn’t expect to be done already. I’ll start at the beginning, and by that I mean 30 minutes ago when I walked down to the mailbox.

I found a Lola GT70, that I wasn’t expecting until tomorrow.

I’ve decided to get a few non 1967 cars, to get a bit better at restoring them. This beat up car is a 1968 HK base Lola GT70.

It has a broken window, which I’ll probably just order a car missing the rear section with a nice windshield for way cheaper than a replacement windshield.


The windshield looks like it was parked next to something very hot for a while.


OK. Lets get to the restoration. These old cars strip in seconds. That isn’t an exaggeration. I put the stripper on with a paintbrush, and by the time I get from the front to the rear... The front is stripped. 10 minutes of steel wool and it looked like this.


I try to make them look like they did originally. So, this one was always going to be Hunter Green. Given that it was a solid color. I didn’t feel the need to get a mirror finish.

This is my first car with cap style wheels, but luckily I had a few from a previous wheel order.


I actually only have 3 medium sized wheels (bummer). One of the old wheels got put back on.

That big scratch is from my drill. These round top rivets really suck.

As soon as the base came off I sprayed it with Lime Away. Then took the steel wool to it.


Don’t look at the jet car. You’re not supposed to see that yet. lol

And now I’m just waiting for it to dry so I can throw some clear on it. The color looks darker in person.

Thanks for tuning in to this weeks installment of “Redline Restorations by an Idiot”