Also know as “The Heavyweights” short cab and trailer. Introduced in 1970 Hot Wheels expanded from sports and luxury cars into work vehicles with trucks that could do more of the rough work and expand play to off track activitys(they do quite well on track too)

Here is a look at 2 of the trucks the short cab and trailer moving van and fire truck


The fire truck trailer was almost always found with the red cab and had ladder that would attach on the rear. The moving Van trailer could be found with several different color cabs and the boxes would be in gray or white with either smooth brownish red , smooth gold, or detailed gold doors.


The rear door on the moving van can open but due to metallic plastics I don’t dare push it all the way down so i removed the box to show how it looks on the inside. Plenty of storage space to move from point A to point B.

Also I had to add a bit of foam core board in between the gold part and the wheel tab cause like many cars of this era the post wasn’t fully pressed down and the trailer sinks down into the wheels stopping it from rolling.