I won! I won the 510 Day contest and I received my prize in the mail from Plasticprints (II) and was surprised by the contents. Not one to simply send one vehicle by itself, he went ahead and added a few more!

Hot Wheels Ford Bronco, Matchbox Ford Pickup and the hard to find VW Kombi Treasure Hunt!

Bur that’s not what this is about. This is about Tomica Limited Vintage.

This is my first TLV. My experience with the Tomica brand had me truly wondering what all the fuss was about. You see, this was my experience with the Tomica brand.

This is an Evo IV from Tomica’s attempt to break back into the North American market when The Fast and the Furious was new.


If you look closely, you’ll notice there is no dashboard. This. This was my Tomica experience.

Now I’ve won this TLV and am blown away. I don’t think they missed a single detail.


Almost everything is dead-on perfect. The emblems are crisp, the paint is flawless, the chrome trim is well done. Just everything.


The one thing that may not be perfectly accurate is the exhaust/muffler is not done up in silver. But that is a serious nitpick.

It’s an amazing replica done to scale and the only thing that comes close in this country is the AutoWorld line. The one advantage AW has over TLV is the scale. They do everything to 1/64 while Tomica is a bit more loose with their scales. But Tomica has a vastly superior catalogue when it comes to the sheer variety of castings.


I don’t know that I could justify the price for future TLV purchases, but to those of you that do buy these, I completely get it now. These are outstanding. A big thank you again to Plasticprints for holding such an epic contest and a huge thank you to his wife, who chose my photo as the winner!

Thank you for looking and I’m sorry it took so long to get this posted. By the time I would get a chance to take any pictures, it was raining or overcast and this piece deserved to sparkle in the sunlight. I will definitely get some proper food shots of it in the future but just had to get this out and thank Plasticprints and Mrs. Plasticprints sooner rather than later.