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Removing Tampos

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So I want to remove the Tampos to this S-10, without removing the paint. I was thinking of a new paint job, but realized that it’s a nice shade of red, and I’d love to try and keep it if I can. How can I do this?


Also, the front grill and bumper are one piece of plastic. Which means I can’t strip the paint off of it, not like the metal. Would probably have to apply a layer of paint on top of the red plastic, which won’t look that good with the red underneath. Foresight is helpful when doing something like this, :).

Also, the brand is 1BadRide, and I’m really impressed with the quality of the build. With the Welly’s casting, 99% of it was glued together. With this S-10, 80% of it is screwed together, with the smallest pieces glued in. Heck, the seats are screwed in! I wonder how the build quality of Maisto and Jada will be, but 1BadRide is a-ok in my book!

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