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Rennsport: Interscope Porsche 935

Normally collecting is easy. You buy, you enjoy. Unless you buy an old Solido model, where the water slide decals are supplied separately.


Everything that isn’t black on this model had to be applied via these old and brittle water slides. Which took ages and more patience that I thought I had.

I meant to have it ready for this year’s Le Mans, but I had severely underestimated the time it would take to complete it.


The real car didn’t have an easy time of it either - it qualified 29th and ended with a DNF. But - at least I managed to get it done in time for the Rennsport week.


The trouble now is, I got another one of these. In yellow, with far more decals than this one...Better start now so I can finish in time for Le Mans 2019...

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