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Rennsport Reunion: Porsche Audi 917/10 CanAm

Today I have a little YatMing model for the Rennsport Reunion. And cars don’t get more Rennsport than the 917/10. called it and its younger, even more powerful sister the 917/30 “the most ferocious, raw racing cars ever constructed.


“Up until 1972, Can-Am had been McLaren’s hunting ground, but the arrival of the Porsche factory steamroller quickly reduced them to backmarkers – and also drove a nail into the coffin of the series. By 1973, Porsche 917s ended up carrying almost twice the horsepower of the previous generation cars, using a qualifying grenade of an engine that put out over 1,300hp.”

Yes, the YatMing should be white and not green, but otherwise they did well with the livery, including the L&M cigarette sponsor decals. Wouldn’t happen today, but back in the ‘70s none of that mattered.

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