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RennSport Reunion: Porsche from Japan

It never entered my mind to join Rennsport as I don’t have as much collection of Porsche as others have. But then I do have a few and decided why not. If I remember correctly this is my first Porsche 911S collection by Tomica and considered a vintage as this was still made in Japan.

And you could probably say this die cast is worth its weight in gold. :)


This is #F3 with ‘F’ probably means ‘Foreign’ to signify a foreign brand. It is indicated as 1/61 in scale and has plastic base. The headlight looks to be a separate die cast part and no separate paint on the tail lights. Also the car is still in decent condition.


As with most mainline Tomica, this one comes with opening doors.

I don’t remember if I bought it or it came as a gift but I definitely love the unique gold chrome. This is probably something Goldfinger would acquire for this collection.

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