I finished this resto-mod recently. It didn’t turn out as great as I envisioned. But, I learned quite a bit along the way. I wasn’t a huge fan of Playart’s tall thin wheels on the cast and the paintjob was pretty ugly *final pic is how this cast started*. I set out to paint it a nice shade of red and add some slick hotwheels wheels to it.

The wheel swap and initial paintjob turned out nice. Detailing the cast by adding era-correct headlights to the front was an absolute pain. Without mold lines to contain the paint, trying to hold a steady hand to make miniature squares is... well... quite hard.

Also, I didn’t envision that the cast gap in the back would be so pronounced with red paint. I kinda wish I had used some body filler after re-assembling the cast. But, this project was fun. It taught me that I should be more mindful of which cars I want to restore!


Here is a pic of the Porsche just after I got it. Lots of playwear and kinda ugly wheels.