Here’s an interesting one. I am unfortunately not crafty enough to customize and truly admire those who do. This is Kurt Busch’s 2017 Daytona 500 Fusion Sport. The 2017 cars are the last regular production cars with metal frames, hood opening and trunk opening features. They now close the trunks and have a frame that one plastic peice. The hood and trunk features with a diecast frame and suspension details are now for the elite cars.

A piece of sod from when the splitter dug into the grass during the burnout.


Kurt ran in the top 10-15 all day. Ended up getting caught up in a small scramble, but was not too badly damaged. This one was an impromptu buy around January this year. Never been huge Kurt or Kyle Busch fan beacuse of how ill tempered they can be. But Kurt’s really chilled out a lot over the years, so I can be happy when he wins and say I support him now. Hope you liked this one. It’s definitely one of my more unique cars