Not too long ago, I posted about my success in identifying a lost childhood treasure. I got one on eBay and it arrived today.

This is a Texaco tanker truck by Majorette. The cab says "Kenworth" on the bottom, but nothing more specific. It claims to be 1:87 scale. It was given to me probably in the late 80's, maybe early 90's, but I don't know more about the year than that.

I had one or 2 other semis when I was a kid, and this one was much higher quality, both in terms of detail and build quality. The cab is diecast with plastic details (exhaust, air filters, tanks). The trailer has a diecast chassis with reasonably sturdy plastic tank and details.


The hood opens:


Beefy double wheels on the back of the cab:

Fold down stand for when the trailer is detached:


This example is not absolutely mint, but pretty close, and way nicer than the last time I saw my old one (broken exhaust, small broken pieces on trailer, very loose trailer stand, etc).

Feeling a little nostalgic over here, and glad to have an old friend back (sort of).