This is a pretty overdue review, to be honest. I've had this car for a couple weeks now and I'm just now getting around to doing a review.

Anyway, this is a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette in Cascade Green, built in Italy by Bburago (before the brand was reintroduced by the same company that makes Maisto models).

I did some research on eBay, and found prices of this model ranging from around $15 all the way up to nearly $50, so I'm really glad I was given this one for free.

It's in really great condition, although the passenger's side door feels a bit loose and can be a bit of a pain to close properly.


The detail of this car is pretty good. Not perfect, but good.

The chassis is the really impressive part here. It's detailed very well compared to other models, and actually looks like what you'd expect to see under a car of this vintage.


The hood and doors open, and the steering wheel turns the front wheels, all of which are wrapped in Continental tires.


The only real issue I find with this model is the windshield frame, which seems to be rather flimsy. When I got it, it wasn't completely on the windshield, so I had to gently slip it back on.

Still, all in all, it's a pretty good quality model, made in Italy, and if you search on eBay hard enough, you could probably pick one up relatively cheap.