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[Review] Forbidden Fruit Friday: Norev Mercedes-Benz CLS-Klasse Shooting Brake

Yesterday I got this delicious piece of forbidden fruit, so it’s prime time to review it! ‘It’ is a Norev Dealer Edition Mercedes-Benz CLS-Klasse Shooting Brake in designo Alanitgrau Magno.

As is typical with a lot of Jalop car guys, I love wagons. So when I saw this at a decent price, I decided to get it.


Accuracy: 8/10

This car has gorgeous lines and they have been replicated incredibly well. One point subtracted because the front of the car sits the tiniest bit too high. Also, the engine detail is pitiful.

Fit & Finish: 8/10

The car feels very solid and has perfect matte finish paint. However, the hood is a bit finicky to keep open and the rear hatch doesn’t stay completely open. Neither of those of big issues in my mind.


Features: 8/10

The hood, rear hatch, and all the doors open. It also has suspension and comes with a glove and a screwdriver, as show in the second photo. Sadly, there are no perforated grilles...


The sad engine...

Value: 8/10

Mine cost $95.95, but I feel that the model is worth the price and that I got a pretty good deal on the Dealer Edition. So it may not be the best model for the price, but only Norev makes the CLS Shooting Brake in 1/18, so your options are limited.


Rarity: 8/10

At the time of writing, there are only 5 in this color on all of eBay, 32 in total. I’d say that that is pretty rare.


While difficult to see, this model has Black Ash Wood trim. Neat.


Total: 40/50

So should you get one? It really depends on your taste. I really like this car in real life, so it was a must for me. There is a cheaper version in Indium Grey(more of a brown color)/Black interior for $86, but I feel that it is worth the extra coin for a Dealer Edition, available in Obsidian Black/ Light Grey for $106, Alanitgrau Magno/Black and Cream for $115, or Red/Cream for $130. Overall, I love this car and highly recommend it to those who love wagons or Mercedes.

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