Hi fellow diecasters, thanks for having me here! For my first post here, I bring you this fantastic casting from the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment series. Members who have been around the LaLD's Facebook, might have seen this truck from an entry in Picture of the Day. Another thanks for the positive responses!

As a lurker of Jalopnik, I realise majority of you find Marty's truck just as desirable if not more than the stainless steel time machine. When I discovered that Hot Wheels is going to release this truck, I know it won't stay long to keep the pegs warm.

Then I found it! I couldn't believe my luck, I almost never reach the pegs in time to hunt down the lust-worthy castings. I only had the Toyota in mind and left behind the Need for Speed cars. I hope I have the approval from you guys...


Although this is the only piece I have, it needs to be cracked open.


Boy, doesn't it look better out of the packaging! In hindsight, I didn't take enough pictures of it. Too much time was spent rolling it on the desk.

This kicks off my first post in Live and Let Die-Cast, which will be hard to top (lol). I hope you've enjoyed the pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them. :D