Big things with little cars

Normally I don’t stray out of 1/18 land, but saw this and couldn’t resist. It was hidden way on the bottom of the CVS rack o’cars. There were other variations of this casting, including a Fire Patrol and Police, but I thought the street version looked less cheesy.

Design and Accuracy: 9/10

Kinsmart did a nice job on the design of this one for the price. Scaling is good and the proportions look accurate. Everything down to the little details (accurate decals - including 6.2L on the door, head and tail light design) is nicely executed. The headlights even look like the Raptor units with the projectors and turn signal distinguished behind the clear plastic.


Even though this is a 1/46, some decent effort was made on the interior too. It was hard to photograph, but the steering wheel is a convincing replica of the 1:1’s and the radio shape/placement in the dashboard is correct.

Fit and Finish: 7/10

Unfortunately, if money was put into the design, it was not spent on the end product. My model came with slightly out of round tires, paint that is already chipped or bubbled, misapplied or uneven paint, and scratches on the plastic windows right out of the packaging. For the price though I can’t ding it too badly.


Features: 6/10

Not many features on this one but again can’t ding it too badly for the price. The opening doors and 50% fold down bed are nice.


Value: 4/10

For a 1:46, this is a pricey one. Expect to pay about $5.99.

Rarity: 6/10

This isn’t a rare one but I’ve never seen one in white before. The other castings are much more common. They are available at all of your favorite drug stores and plentiful on eBay.


Total: 32/50

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