And now we have something more my speed, a Regular Wheels model from the golden age. This is 53b, the elegant MB W111 220SE coupe, introduced to the range in early 1963. This model is of at least minor historical significance, as it was the first Matchbox car with opening doors. Mine is an early run example, with silver wheels and maroon paint:

The other side of the box shows an original price tag, some collectors like this for the data - it generally doesn't devalue. This must have been on sale, as the regular price then was 39 cents:

This is a small casting, I estimate around 1:65-1:70 scale. Accounting for that, it isn't bad, proportions are correct:


Some surprising detail, not captured perfectly here, include correct trunk badging, and detailed door panels:


Show off the interior and hardtop lines:

Door feature under license from Solido:


Typical for Matchbox of the era, a basic base:

I took these pics a week ago, strange coincidence, as I found another of this model this morning, appears identical, but I haven't checked for the exact variety yet:


I also have this as a later red body black wheels model, and I have a loose one too:

I have a real MB 220SE, a sedan, so this model is of interest to me. This model serves as a good example of modern small scale diecast a half century ago.