A lot of you here are big fans of the Initial D Toyota AE86 Trueno released in recent years as part of the Tomica Dream Project line, and back in the 90s as part of the Initial D giftsets.

However, did you know that the Trueno hatchback was really just intended for the Initial D product line? It was never part of Tomica’s regular product line?

Instead, in the early 80s, Tomica produced the Trueno in 2-door coupe form, as follows:

Being from the 80s, and as you can tell from the black box, this is a made-in-Japan piece. Quality is on par with other Tomica vehicles from this era.


Some of you will know that the newer Tomica cars are placed in a plastic bag within the iconic red & white boxes. However, this wasn’t necessarily the case back in the day. As a result, there was usually a lot of rubbing between the cars and the box. Specific to this Trueno, I have seen many examples whereby the black arches have rubbed off over time. Mine was subject to the same fate, but I have fixed it with the help of a Tamiya marker pen.


Here’s the box. There’s no real front or back. One side has the car name in English and the other in Japanese. The plastic sleeves are aftermarket, to protect the box from further wear.


I acquired mine back in 2012 for about $30USD.

But just like in real life, this car is also subject to the Initial D tax. A well-known collector store in Hong Kong was asking $425HKD ($55 USD) back in 2012:


The last time I saw one on ebay, it closed for over $100USD.

Another aspect of its value is due to the rarity, and the inability for modern-day reissue in China (or Vietnam). If my understanding is correct, this mould was subsequently destroyed and reworked to make the Honda Integra.

Despite the similarities B-pillar forward, the Trueno hatchback is a totally different mould:


Oh, and did I say I hate pointless non-car-related tampos? But at the same time I don’t want to destroy the car permanently. The solution is the die-cast equivalent of the bodywrap... decal sheets!

Carbon fibre look! (This was taken when it was fresh and wet. It’s since settled and dried nicely... See top photo.)