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Ringing in the New Year [HAWL]

As the new year begins, LaLD has encouraged me to get off to a good start.

It took a couple stops, but I finally found the infamous Outlaws (the only one I could find with decent tampos of about 8). Got a regular Hornet to match my Super, I honestly don’t think I’ll ever find another one. Convinced myself to get my first Auto World (did anyone try to fix the wide stripe with any success?) regardless, likely the best 1:64 in my collection now, because racecar. Another Hover Mode for the first full year of “the future.” A mainline Homer to go with several other movie/TV cars I’ve now amassed. And finally another hands up Loopster now in blue.


Last stop brought together the classic NSX trifecta. I had to get the white once I found the blue. New wheels and paint and my favorite.

Will soon be rewatching the trilogy I got over the holiday. Hey, check out that 4x4! Feature to come, someday Jennifer, someday...


Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads...or blisters.

Does that make this vehicle also always ORAT? Mmm...

P.S. While digging through a dump bin today, a passer by asked if I was looking for a toy for my son. I attempted to explain that I collect them and some people (scalpers) sell them on Ebay. Also the rationalization that it’s the cheapest way to own a car, haha. Any similar experiences?


Happy Hunting in 2016!

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