The Bell King spontaneously gave me a ROAK package last week, and I’ve been so busy I’m only posting about it now! But boy did he send a doozy of a package full of goodies!

All cars sent.

The cars in front are the new castings. He sent a lot of interesting ones.

First up is this AW ‘66 Oldsmobile 442. I love this color, its reflective of the color options back then. Plus I like 442s.


Next up is a GL ‘69 Mustang. Nice shade of green, plus I love mustangs, :).


Next up is this lovely AW ‘71 Dart Swinger, with with these awesome double hood scoops. I love it!

Next up is this GL Ford F-100. I love old Ford trucks, and I’m not sure if he knew that. So this was a double treat for me!


Next up is an AW Camaro. Oddly, I can’t find this specific casting on the AW site. I found a similar one, but not this one... interesting...


Finally, the JL ‘64 Vista Cruiser with a boat! I’ve been keeping my eye out for one of these castings, and the Bell King found one for me!

Thanks again The Bell King! I need to rearrange the diorama to include these castings! :)