As well as American muscle cars and European supers, when I’m looking at die casts my eye tends to catch on anything that’s a little unusual. I don’t tend to go for fantasy designs very often, but sometimes I see a thing I gotta have.

Case in point; wandering around a toy fair last month, I spotted this Custom ‘71 El Camino from the 2012 HW Stunt series and I loved the sheer “grunt” of the design.

I mean, a rocket-boosted pick-up? Puts me in mind of that old urban legend about the JATO car.

There’s a lot of nice little details on this one, from the hood clips to the one “red eye” headlight.


The guy who sold it to me was convinced it was a “Mad Max” vehicle - probably confusing it with the Last of the V8 Interceptors...

...but to be honest, this El Camino reminds me more of the ROKIT 88, the trans-dimensional rocket car from one of my favorite movies, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension.


But any way you slice it, I think this is a cool casting.


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