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Rookie of the Year!

Hi LaLD! Hope all is well. Today I have the 2003 Jamie McMurray Havoline Rookie of the Year Color Chrome. This is one I’ve had for a while, needless to say it made it through my childhood.

Not bad for a 2003. I cant$ belive some of these made it as far as they have. Also don’t believe I still love them as much as I used to. That’s what’s so great about this hobby.


It’s nice to be able to open the hood easily on these cars. It isnt so easy for the current Gen 6. I dont bother because it feels like I’ll break it. I (and many others) have complained before about QC. They really used to make these so well for a reasonable price.

Now, it’s a plastic mold for the chassis. But we get working roof flaps that bend. Yay! To get the 🔥🔥, you must buy the elite, which is hardly the treat it used to be.


McMurray got his first break in ‘02 subbing for Sterling Marlin after he broke his neck. Ouch... Talk about major heartbreaker, injuries, AND he was leading the championship when all that happened. McMurray won his first race at Charolette Motor Speedway in Sterling’s car. That was a great race, which seems like yesterday.   

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