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RotB Day 7: "Nobody wants to see your Urus"

Please enjoy the last photo I got of this before I dropped it on the ground, causing the rim detail to come off

The Lamborghini Urus is an SUV from Lamborghini, less of the charging-off-road variety like their LM002 and more of the sporty-but-not-a-sportscar type like the Porsche Cayenne or Bentley Bentayga. It initially seemed like a bizarre “we’re obligated to make things that aren’t sportscars” sort of deal, like the Aston Martin Cygnet... until SUVs massively took off as the popular car of choice for the late 10's, making it fit right at home, just in time.

The terrible, tough terrain of “just outside the seafood restaurant”

Where many Lamborghinis pull their names from breeds of fighting bulls, the Urus is instead an ancient, extinct ancestor of modern cattle, which survived up until 1627. Large horns like the fighting bulls, but more readily domesticated; a fine fit for a car with the styling ferocity and heritage of massive power, but meant more for calmer everyday life.

The shape of this car makes it weirdly extremely difficult for my phone camera to focus on all of it at once without flash

Huge intakes. Carbon fiber splitter. Adaptive rear spoiler. There’s no denying that this still is a Lamborghini in power and style, even if it’s very much a far cry from the sleek supercars that featured in many a poster on many a bedroom wall. It’s very much derided as very un-Lamborghini, even though, like the Porsche SUVs before it, it’s taking their styling to a new market.

Who needs taillights when you can use that budget on a great big honking number plate that just says URUS

And speaking of design and style, it’s worth noting that the 2014 Hot Wheels Lamborghini Urus isn’t the design that ended up released to consumers in 2018; it’s the 2012 concept model from the Beijing Auto Show. I personally much prefer the original concept to the result; the finished one feels a bit more bulky and jaggedy, to me. Like, it’s got too much going on.

The 2012 Lamborghini Urus at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
Photo: 72Dino (Wikimedia Commons)
The 2018 Lamborghini Urus at the New York International Auto Show
Photo: Nan Palmero (Wikimedia Commons)

So, already, as a model, this has a lot going for it as far as stuff I like. It’s unusual. It’s a concept car. It’s got an iconic marque, and it’s something way different than what they’re known for. (Plus, this specific concept model was in Forza Horizon 3, which is what got me to realize “oh, wait, I have this car” and then actually take it out of the package.)

Definitely a real photo taken outsi- oh, wait, I already showed you it’s on a ketchup bottle in the window. Never mind.

I’d say I’m very glad to have taken it out of the package, though it does worry me that the rims have already chipped. The paint has stayed, the decals have stuck, but if you know somebody that plays a bit rough, this probably won’t come out the other side of a track day looking quite as good as it started. At least the sleeker concept design means it won’t also be vaguely stabby in the process.

Tonight, we ride.

And thus, with a post composed purely out of spite, so closes the Running of the Bulls, at least for me. Lamborghini’s got a long and storied history, and luckily, a lot of that has translated into some pretty awesome toys and models. I know I’ve got more around here somewhere, so this isn’t the end of my rambling on the subject, but this has definitely been a fun opportunity to showcase some stuff.

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