I am just recently in the process of keeping up on the happenings on LaLD and I kept seeing all this ‘Running of the Bull’ without any clue as to what that is all about.

Then after observing that all this have to do with Lamborghini I decided to do my one and only post with a recent purchase.

I don’t really collect Lamborghini as I am not into the exotic cars but I did pick this up on my recent overseas vacation. Why?

It’s a Tomica, it’s a premium and I saw it in a review in Youtube.


I used to have a Lesney Matchbox version which I sold it a long time ago and what finally led me to pick this up is what the youtuber showed. A rear opening feature. Yup, that opening feature to me looks sweet even if the engine is not very detailed. It’s even the last one they had in the store as this is the Number 5 of the Tomica premium series which probably has been released for a while as the more recent ones are already numbered in the twenties.

This info was from Jalopnik.com

The real Lamborghini Miura SVR was restored by Lamborghini Storico itself to live a full life on track in Japan, where it went from car to legend.


The SVR was a kind of re-do of the Jota, the super test race car thing that Lamborghini built and then got destroyed. Where the SVR differentiates from the Jota is that it has a wing on the roof.


One last thing. What makes this premium series a worthy collection besides the opening feature is the lens headlight instead of painted on. And this coming from a non-Lamborghini collector. Ciao!