Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Round2 is confusing me

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So Round2 (who makes AW cars), obviously, has bought the names and rights of JL (Johnny Lightning) and RC (Racing Champions), to bring those brands back from the dead. Which is awesome because those brands have hardcore fans. What confuses me is that it’s a baffling choice from a business position.


So now Round2 owns three different diecast car brands, where two out of the three make 1:64 scale cars (haven’t heard RC’s scale yet). That’s competition against yourself, which tends to be bad for business. Let’s say that AW has its own design team, and JL has a separate one. Buying a JL car means the AW ones won’t be supported, and getting people’s business might be difficult if they can’t be distinguish from its competitors. For example, a pop/soda company wouldn’t make two lemon-lime flavor drinks, it would affect sales. See what I’m talking about?

I really like the idea that JL is back, but at what cost to AW? I’ll have to wait and see how this pans out. And I really hope they just don’t get rid of the AW brand, because I like it.

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