Big things with little cars

Some of you may be familiar through Instagram with the creations of my pal David B., aka @vintage_43. David does absolutely beautiful custom work on Hot Wheels, primarily on Porsches, and together we’ve had some success pedaling them at local P-Car events alongside my usual Model Citizen faire. As a thank-you gift for helping promote the Vintage 43 brand in 2018, David gave me this Rubystone Red 964, and I think I’m in love.


V 43's custom work on Hot Wheels follows the typical formula: pop the rivets, strip the paint, swap the wheels, etc. What sets their cars apart is the sheer level of workmanship and attention to fine detail that goes into them. David has been building white-metal 1:43 kits since the 1980s (hence the name of his business) and his technique has been honed to a fine point thanks to those decades of experience. His choice of materials is exceptional; when selecting paint, he either uses top-shelf hobby paint, vintage lacquer when he can find it, or in the case of my 964, actual Porsche factory Rubystone. Yep, that’s the same stuff as you’d find on a ‘92 Carrera RS...if you could find one, that is. Of course, David “uprated” my 964 to RS spec thanks to an unbelievably tiny deck decal...again, it’s the details.

If you haven’t done so already, why not give @vintage_43 a follow on IG? You’ll be glad you did.

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