Ain’t it great to be alive, ain’t it great to breathe, ain’t it great to have hit songs hidden up my sleeve...

Now, you might be looking at this and thinking, “wait, didn’t I already see this cheap Hot Wheels Murciélago on this site? Didn’t you already do an uncharacteristically rushed and short write-up on it?” And to those I say, absolutely! I totally did. However, I missed the memo that Running of the Bulls had gotten delayed. And as that’s already up on the site and I have a family cookout to get to today, I figure I’ll suggest you give that a look for the write-up and photos, count this as the actual proper article dealio for the sake of votes or whatnot, give you a quick sort of bonus gallery here, and get back around to giving you all fresh, new, piping hot Italian design as reinterpreted by predominantly Californian toy makers on Tuesday. Thank you for your patience!

Here’s the overproduced version of the NFS:HP2 tribute shot that I was working on.


But the old-school authentic route with no touch-ups works pretty great on its own, really, right?