As much as I’d say this is a contest, for me at least, this is more of a reason for me to show off some glorious Bulls that hasn’t seen the day of light in recent months. I was in the midst of preparing/finishing up my thesis, getting a well-need promotion after slaving away in that ‘fun’ corporate lifestyle and had some rather large life-changing moments of late, so these we simply left in their boxes for months ahead.


However, now that everything has settled or started to settle, it’s time to bring out these caged bulls! Now, I’m not as much as an avid collectors as I used to be. I don’t go out and buy every AutoArt that’s on sale anymore. I simply don’t have enough space. With that said, I have vowed to obtain every single color variation there is of the AA SVs, starting with the three that I currently have: Viola Opheila, Nero Nemesis and Verde Ithaca (not pictured)