Another doctor appointment, another chance to hunt. Today’s visit brought me into the vicinity of a Target store, something that happens not that often and must be taken advantage of, The Spoils...

Seems a new (to me anyway...) diecast company has entered the fray. Metal Machines are made by a company named ZURU. Nothing licensed that I could see, mostly fantasy castings. This is “Buffalo.”
The MBX BMW 2002, and a cool ‘87 Dodge D100. The pendulum has swung my way for a minute, so I have to hobble out to a wal store I haven’t checked recently.
Then there’s this; another member of the HWs Street Fighter/CAPCOM, the ‘88 Mercedes Unimog U1300. . Another set of new (to me...) 6-spoke real riders.

The edges of the tire are off-road, the centers are more street treaded.

Happy Hunting!