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S-10: Completed!

Here is the completed S-10, where I stripped it cleaned and repainted it, and added chalk on it to make it look it’s been off roading, :).

I decided to keep the wheels that came with it for a few reasons; 1, I really wanted to finish this and returning it to stock won’t permanently hurt or change anything. 2, the rotors rotate with the tires, which is an effect only possible with this casting unless I modify another one. 3, I can add the big tires later if desired. Still, it came out quite nicely.


I used dry pastel chalk for the dirty effect; a light brown shaved into tiny pieces, then brushed on and the excess gently removed. Red isn’t the best color for it to show up though, but I didn’t consider that beforehand.

This might look like a shadow, but it isn’t. I used black pastel chalk to make it look like the exhaust was spewing out black, :).


The only original color left is the grill. I made sure to dirty up 99% of the car too. It looks really dusty, :).


The dirt didn’t stick to the windshield, unfortunately. But the hood is quite dirty, :).


Using my own 1:1 dirty car as inspiration, I tried to match the dirt where it would appear in RL; namely behind the wheel wells where it is thrown across the side.


Here’s a better image of the rear with the black exhaust; I really liked how it turned out here. Would be cool to try something similar with a repainted white car, :).


The only thing I could/can do different, is add a lighter shade of dirt to really make it pop out.

Anyways, that’s the end product everyone! Definitely a learning and experimenting experience. Any questions? Ask away!

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