Going through previous flea bags I found some purchases I’d forgotten about, and this is one. Made in Israel between 1969 & 1972, according to this Wiki article. It mentions the Beetle briefly;

Some cars, especially the Beetle, came with 1970s style ‘hippie’ flower decals,
but the Bug also came in a German (surprisingly, not Israeli !) police version.

It’s missing the back bumper and a good amount of paint, but I couldn’t remember if I had one in my collection, or even if I’ve ever heard of Sabra before, so I decided it was a necessity.


The hood, the only opening feature, wouldn’t stay up on its own so I had to use a screw. Initially, I thought it was a Dinky based on the disc wheels, but nope.

According to the wiki, they made a lot of late 60s American muscle cars too. A quick search in the bay shows over 60 cars, most way better shape than mine, but no VWs in any condition to compare it to.


EDIT: From the same hawl, the line-up photo is dated in Oct, but I’m not sure if that was the finding of, or the shooting of...no matter.


Matchbox Audi Quattro Sport, Jada Corvette (wheel donor already), another Majorette Toyota 4x4, Matchbox Saab, HWs GT-R, HWs Huffman Racing Monte Carlo, and an old Kenner Corvette with intact Alaska license plate.

EDIT #2: Sorry. 1:43 scale.