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Safety Car Saturday: BMW M5 and M6 MotoGP S/C

Back when I was collecting anything and everything, Safety Cars from various racing series was one of the sub-themes of my no-theme collection. Another sub-theme of my collection is to not have all the models to complete a sub-theme. And that is the case here, as I only have 3 of the 5 BMW MotoGP Safety Cars that Kyosho produced. The two here are the M5 and M6 that, per Kyosho, were used in the 2005 season. Beyond the lights and livery, the cars are identical to their street brethren.


And since those street versions have been featured here before, I won’t say much about these other than they are a worthy addition to a collection. Prices for these are all over the board, but in general, they are cheaper than the street versions. The 2008 M6 S/C can still be had for under $100, and the same can be said for the M5, albeit in Ring Taxi form.


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