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Sale Saturday Hawl!

If you have a Smith’s or Kroger Marketplace nearby, you should check it out today. Not sure if this is just in my area, but 50% off is too good not to share. I picked up a great nine-pack and some wheel donors, all for less than $20.


I don’t always buy niners, but when I do they are $5, and mostly licensed models. Love that Escort!

And these (except the Skyline and the Fugu Z), will be donating their wheels to my many works in progress. The Redliners Charger has been pegwarming pretty heavily in my area, so I don’t feel badly about grabbing four of them. I left a bunch more behind.


And speaking of pegwarming... I have a feeling I’m not going to see the 2017 “Best of” MBXs in my area. Every store that carries them around here looks just like this. If anybody has extra Miuras/Porsches/M5s kicking around, let me know, I would love to trade.

Happy Saturday, everybody. Good luck out there.

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